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We create special customized items upon request.

Spindles for handles and accessories

The opening and closing mechanisms of door, window and security door locks and any other system hold very precise instrumentation which are different from one another, like spindles for handles by Ircef S.r.l., the best guarantee of reliability and long-lasting effectiveness for handles. 10 sections of handle spindles, many variants of handle spindles, different accessories and details in iron, among which are bevelled spindles, plates, iron fittings, threaded Niplex fittings, fixing plates, spindle sleeves: Ircef S.r.l. offers products that respond to any technological or functional need.

Ircef S.r.l.: the place for handle spindles

With experience of more than fifty years in the production of handle spindles and iron items for handles, a covered plant of more than 800 m2 and a wide, complete and specific offering, Ircef S.r.l. is a leader in the window frame and handle sector in Italy and abroad, maintaining a single, very precise objective: the full satisfaction of its clients

Quality and innovation.

Top quality materials, listening to and support of clients, continuous professional and technological development and updating, according to the most recent market trends: Ircef is a dynamic company in constant evolution, supporting the final client.

Handle spindles and accessories: production

For more than fifty years we have specialised in the production of spindles for every type of handle and usage, using different types of steel and performing different processing operations, according to the needs of the clients.
Window handles

Precise and effective movements for windows with locks.

Door handles

spindles and articles in iron for armoured doors, internal doors and industrial doors.


Spindle sleeves, hex wrenches, iron fittings for all types of handles.

The steel of our handle spindles

Three main raw materials are used in our handle spindles:

Steel 11SmnPb37 (AVP) 0
Steel S235JRC+C (FE) 0
Stainless Steel Aisi 303 0

Ircef handle spindle: technical information

To guarantee the total quality of our handle spindles, we perform the following processes: Standard White Passivisation, or a film of blue colouring that rests on the electrolytically deposited zinc obtained in an alkaline, cyanide or acidic environment; does not contain hexavalent chromium. Finally, Tropical Passivisation free of Chromium VI: a Trivalent Chromium processing that allows the achievement of an iridescent tropical coloured film, giving a protective value, tested by regulation ASTM UNI ISO, with average resistance greater than 120 h before the appearance of white corrosion stains.


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