Iron accessories and articles for handles

Ircef S.r.l.’s catalogue also includes an assorted line of metal accessories and articles for handles.

The offering is composed of iron fittings, iron hex wrenches and reduction fittings, always produced with particular attention to the raw materials used, guaranteeing durability and optimum performance over time, and attentive listening to client needs. Flexibility and customization distinguish the production of Ircef, always supporting its national and international clients to respond with punctuality, professionalism and precision to the most varied technical and functional requests.

Troncone filettato 275

ART. 275

Threaded section
Surfaces: Zinc-plated / Tropic.
Availability: M6 / M8 / M10 / M12
Length on request

Riduzioni in Ferro 355

ART. 355

Iron Reduction fittings
Availability: Q.6 to Q.7 – Q.7 to Q.8 – Q.8 to Q.8.5 – Q.8 to Q.9 – Q. 8 to Q.10
Length on request

Chiave Esagonale 360

ART. 360

Hex wrench
Surfaces: Zinc-plated / Tropic.
Measure upon request

Tolerances for iron accessories and articles for handles

All of our iron handle articles conform to the following tolerances:

0,5 mm =6 mm: ± 0,1 mm 0
6 mm =30 mm: ± 0,2 mm 0
30 mm =120 mm: ± 0,3 m 0
120 mm =400 mm: ± 0,5 mm 0

Articles in iron for handles and closure systems

The Ircef S.r.l. articles for handles in iron are the fundamental components for all doors and windows that require precision, perfectly smooth movement and the highest quality of materials: sturdy and durable over time. Our line of accessories is diversified into varied uses: from internal and external door accessories, to iron articles for handles of armoured doors and windows, gates, industrial doors and any other window or closure system. The types of raw materials normally used are three: 11SmnPb37 (AVP) steel, available immediately and used by 90% of clients, S235JRC+C steel, available immediately, used for smooth metal frames, and Aisi 303 stainless steel, available by order, used in environments particularly subject to aggressive corrosion.

The great skill and expertise acquired by Ircef over the years are the cornerstones that carry the company and always offer the most precise, professional and trustworthy response even to the most specific requests. A family owned business that has been able to consistently grasp the market needs for over fifty years, which today counts on a covered production facility of 800 m2, and whose cornerstones are maximum reliability, precision and punctuality, and only the highest quality materials. The ideal response for clients looking for a valid product that wears well over time and is extremely functional, like our iron articles for handles.

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